iBuildCapacity LLC

We help you grow


We provide strategic and tactical consulting services for small and medium-sized community-based, organizations by helping them see how to:

  • Use their strengths and define opportunities for growth
  • Build their infrastructure to support grant funding
  • Envision, initiate and develop lasting partnerships
  • Create sustainability
  • Optimize their mission and vision 


What We Do

We provide the highest quality, low or no-cost: consultation, guidance, and mentorship available to grow and sustain non-profits, colleges, universities, and faith-based groups. We provide group and one-on-one training assistance to help organizations become experts at “fishing” for grants and thereby build their capacity to serve others!

Services For Grantees

  • For Grantees

    • Conceptualize and develop grant program methodology
      • Assess grants management capabilities
      • Problem development assistance
      • Research and recommend grant funding sources
      • Identify and develop sub-recipient relationships
      • Develop key performance metrics
    • Grant writing training and coaching
      • Proposal writing assistance
      • Proposal review and editing
    • Grants administration and compliance services
      • Formal staff development in grants compliance and administration
      • Sub-recipient and vendor monitoring plans 
      • Grant reporting support
      • Site visit preparation
      • A-133 audit preparation support
      • Grant close-out support
    • Program evaluation
      • Goals-based - Goal-based evaluations are evaluating the extent to which programs are meeting predetermined goals or objectives.
      • Outcomes-based - An outcomes-based evaluation facilitates you’re asking if your organization is really doing the right program activities to bring about the outcomes you believe.
      • Process-based - Process-based evaluations are geared to fully understanding how a program works -- how does it produce that results that it does.

Services For Funders
    • Pre-grant award services:
      • Administrative support services
      • Applications development
      • Matching funds analysis
      • Proposal evaluations
    • Post-grant award services:
      • Providing technical assistance to Grantees
      • Grants management support
      • Conduct formal and informal site visits
      • Analyze and evaluating Grantees reports
Other Services We Provide

We leverage key strategic partnerships, to expand our capabilities to further support our clients.

  • Conferences, meetings and workshops
  • Technical assistance to setting up a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization
  • Formal and informal needs assessments
  • Fundraising strategies
  • Stakeholder analysis
  • Grant accounting and bookkeeping services
  • Grants management software analysis
  • White paper development

Please contact us for your initial no cost consultation on how we can help you reach your goals and objectives.


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Who We Serve

  • Grant Seekers
    • State and local governments
    • Non-profits
    • Colleges and universities
    • Faith-based organizations
  • Grant Providers
    • Federal agencies
    • State and local governments
    • Community foundations
    • Private foundations

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