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Do you work for a fee based upon us getting a grant award?

Commissions or contingency fees for freelance grant writers or consultants are considered unethical by almost if not all professional organizations and funders.  Such an arrangement is seen as a kick-back, and by its very nature is unethical.  We at iBC value ethics over dollars.


Grant makers also frowned upon contingency fees, and many will not fund organizations if they find out they pay consultants on this basis. Funders seldom allow a grant writer?s fee to be included in the program budget.  Hiding fees in another line would be dishonest and unethical.


Mr. Ken Ristine of the Cheney Foundation writes:


?A funder's main concern about fundraiser compensation lies in the answer to this question: what would charitable fund raising look like if it were a standard practice to pay fundraisers on commission? Public confidence and support of organizations would be undermined.?


An expanded version of article on this subject was published by Charity Channel and the Journal of the American Association of Grants Professionals in August 2004.

 We are a small organization, just starting out. How are we supposed to pay a grant writer if we don't have any money?

If you don?t have any money, you?re not ready to apply for a grant. Grants should never be an organization?s first source of funding.  You should take the time to raise enough funds from individuals who believe in your organization and are willing to make a contribution to get you started.  A good place to begin is your Board of Directors.

Why should we pay the grant writer if we didn't get the grant?

Proposals succeed or fail for a number of reasons, most of which are out of the grant writer?s control. Among these are:

·         The strength of the project: its feasibility, whether it meets a clear community need, and whether it has a well-planned budget.  iBC will only recommend grant sources which match your project, and our process and experience ensures that you have a thorough budget that meets all of the funder?s guidelines.

·         The non-profit?s reputation, track record and financial history. iBC has strategies to mitigate this risk.

·         Relationships: how well the funder knows and trusts the non-profit?s board and staff.  In the world of grant funding the relationship can make all the difference in the world.  We show you how to develop, and nuture key relationships with funding sources.  

·         Oral presentation fall short: It is common for private foundations to request final applicants to make an oral presentation.  We do our best to prepare our clients, but sometimes even the most prepared applicant can fall short during oral presentations. 

·         Competition: how many other requests the funder has received, and from whom. This is a competitive process; there are always winners and losers.  Following our proven strategies will give you best opportunity of success.  

·         Funds and Timing: how much money the funder has available in this cycle.  We will teach how to determine funding cycles and availability of funds so you are not wasting valuable time and resources.


Finally, a key element is the quality and persuasiveness of the written proposal. This is the part the grant writer controls, and it is important. But even the most beautifully written proposal will fail if other factors are not in its favor.


Do you offer program evaluation services?

Yes, we can evaluate existing or plan programs.  If you are considering a program or project for grant funding contact us for an evaluation.  If you are a funding organization and need an evaluation conduct pre or post award, we can help.  Contact us at [email protected]

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